To commemorate world environment day on June 5, 2022, we want to remind ourselves that every family and household can all do their part to protect the environment. Our natural resources are not unlimited – the fact is, our towns and cities often expend our precious water and energy sources faster than they can replenish themselves.

With that in mind, here are five favorite ways you can do your part to limit waste and protect the environment:

Try Waterless Landscaping
Water waste is a big issue… when we think of waterless (or low-water) landscaping, we tend to imagine lots of cacti and decorative rocks, but that’s far from the only way to go waterless (though it’s certainly a great choice if it’s your style!). As a matter of fact, there are plenty of other ways to design your yard with less water – from laying soft mulch instead of grass for the kids’ play area to relying on native plants that can live purely off the seasonal rain that your town gets, there are plenty of creative ways to get beautiful, functional, outdoor space that doesn’t waste water

Invest in Bicycles for the Kids
We aren’t going to be able to give up our cars anytime soon, but what we can do is try to use alternative modes of transport that are less polluting, at least some of the time. Getting a quality bicycle for each kid in the family can help them get around the neighborhood without you having to give them a ride everywhere they go. Having the kids bike to and from school or from their friends’ houses even some of the time is an easy way to reduce the number of drives you need to make a week and by that be kinder to the environment.

Find Out About Switching to an Electric or Hybrid Car
Like we said, going carless is a process that is going to take time. Still, until that time comes, we can and should be trying to use cars that are as clean as possible. Since at least some of the electricity we use is produced from clean sources (like solar!), there’s no longer any serious doubt that electric or hybrid cars are better for the planet than cars that run purely on fossil fuels. So next time the time comes for the family to buy a new car, ask your local car dealer what hybrid or electric models they have.

Go Solar
Whether we see it or not, almost all the electricity that powers our homes is made by burning something that will probably harm our planet! Depending on where you live, at least some of the energy provided to you by your local energy company probably uses at least some electricity made from burning coal or gas. One way to reduce your family’s dependence on fossil fuels for electricity is to have solar panels installed on your roof. The great news about going solar is that it doesn’t just protect the environment – another benefit is that it can help you save big on your electricity bill.  American Solar offers the most attractive plan for fitting your home to go solar – the plan comes with a flat payment rate which means that once you complete the payment for your installation you won’t need to pay for solar energy. check your qualification and get your own personalized quote – by clicking here.

Grab Some Reusable Travel Utensils
Going green is easier at home than when you’re traveling. After all, it’s one thing to wash the dishes when you’re in your own home; it’s another thing to bring silverware to family beach day. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in a decent set of multi-use travel utensils. Your local travel or camping store should have a good selection of them – typically they’ll come in a set and they’ll be made of a smooth wood (like mango) or of a sturdy plastic. Multi-use travel utensils are normally much lighter than your forks, knives, and bowls from home so you won’t mind having them in your backpack or cooler.

One small action at a time can make a big impact if everyone is committed to doing their part. Moms and Dads should educate their kids from an early age that what each and every one of us does in our own lives has a wider effect on the world around us. One step you can take
right now is to find out more about switching your home to solar energy.