More and more American families are discovering the benefits of making their homes energy independent. With unpredictable energy prices and runaway inflation, energy independence is a big step towards getting the family finances under control. 

Especially in the winter and summer months with extreme temperatures, your energy bill is probably the biggest expense you have as a homeowner, other than maybe your monthly mortgage payments. In addition, extreme temperatures come with the added risk of having your energy availability cut off, either because of stress on the grid or because volatile weather causes significant damage to vital infrastructure. 

Normally, we get our energy from one of two suppliers – the local electric company or the local gas company. Either way, it means that you’re paying for your energy based on how much you use, and you are completely dependent on external suppliers for the availability of energy. What if there is another way?  What if how much you used didn’t matter since you’re getting your energy directly from the sun that shines down on your home every day? By having solar panels installed on your roof, that dream can become a reality. 

American Solar offers the most attractive plan for fitting your home to go solar – the plan comes with a flat payment rate which means that once you completed the payment for your installation you won’t ever need to pay for solar energy ever again.  Paying a flat rate, from the very first month, means better control of finances and monthly savings that can accumulate significantly over time. Since switching to solar energy can make a positive impact on your pocket as well as on the environment, it makes it one of the best renewable energy options out there! Contact American Solar to get your own personalized quote!